Janet takes a totally professional approach to teaching. Her open active mind is constantly seeking new ways to help her students to achieve harmony with and constructively affecting their horses movements. In addition, her excellent riding ability enables her to demonstrate as well as explain any point she wishes a student to understand. Lastly, but equally important is the fact the Janet's forthright manner and sense of humor make the lessons fun.


I have become a much better rider because Janet has taught me that I must be more confident in my own abilities in order to be more relaxed . When you are a confident and relaxed rider you are able to be assertive in your abilities to get what you want.


Janet is the first instructor I have found who was able to spot my problems and show me how to correct them. Now that my position and balance have improved I am a more effective rider who can correctly influence my horse.


Janet teaches dressage skills which she herself has mastered with clarity, imagination, and patients. I feel that I am being taught genuine horsemanship rather than tricks to use in competition.